Universal Defenders

WolfHowl: Born of the mysterious and legendary Alpha Mclark, Wolfhowl has a keen sense of smell, as well as many other superpowers, of which she has yet to learn about. Being one with the forest, Wolfhowl, after fighting crime in the city, always returns to the local park to commune with her bretheren. She catches the baddies, and looks amazing doing it.

      Her suit is pure furry amazingness, always willing to help a friend, always willing to step in when needed. Crime is ever her enemy, and her weapon of choice is her hands which at will become serrating wolf claws.

     To protect her secret identity, she poses as the mild mannered Blaine Mandra, secretary for hire. No one would ever suspect the truth....


Patriot's Torch: This amazing athlete and true superhero uses her dress as a whip to literally destroy the underworld. Seeing an odd creature rip her parents from limb to limb, Patriot's Torch  spends her life trying to find the entity or entities that did that deed.

     She is brash, confident, but also has a heart of gold. So that no one knows who she truly is, she has take the name of Emma Jones, and is a director of the American History museum in Lancshire Pennsylvania.


Goldwoman: Little is truly known about her. It is said she turned up in ancient China, when a peasant farmer discovered a vein of gold close to a mountain near his farm. Absolutely stunned by the beauty before him, the peasant kneeled. Having a heart of gold as much as she is made out of the material, Goldwoman just smiled and bid the peasant to rise.

     Rumor has it that she made that peasant rich, and asked for nothing in return. She too, has joined the team. Her only weakness is fog, her arch nemesis being Fogmourn.


Lady Sprocket: Born in Philadelphia, Lady Sprocket loved all things mechanical from an early ago. Able to do magic and infuse magical energies with everyday appliances to make amazing weaponry both on herself and for others, Lady Sprocket is the only member of the team who has been in the military, though no one knows what branch or where she has gotten her amazing powers.

As with Goldwoman, little is known about her background. However, shadows seem to hunt her every night, and she can never quite figure out.