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Mar 30 2019 0 Comments Bianca Mason

Wizard con

Wizard con

Ready for the Wizard Con this April?

Wizard Con is almost upon us. This April, while the muggles sweat, the wizards and witches among us will fly down on their brooms to a star-studded Wizard World Comic Con.

Wizard World Costume Contest is one of the most popular events at the Comic Con. And it is no joke. Participants will go to great lengths to be the winner, and if you want to bring glory home, you need some serious cosplay help. Thankfully, MaccharCosplay Catalogue has got you covered.


Get the Hair Right

The right wig can transform a good costume into a great costume.

We have just the kind of wigs that can spruce up your wizard outfit. Check out everything from beautiful Ombre wigs to straight up black witch wigs. We have something for every costume you choose.

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